Saturday, July 20, 2013

Nursing in Public is Necessary

How many times have we heard that, or even thought it? Have you asked yourself these questions, and come up with answers like : “I don’t want to be a Lactivist” or “I just want to feed my child”, what about “What I do with my breasts and my baby is my business”, Or even “I’m not out to make a statement”.

All of these are valid answers. But here’s the thing; we all need to be able to have the choice. We need to be comfortable, knowing that if our newborn / infant / toddler / child wants to nurse when we’re not at home, we can with dignity. Not with fear or shame.

No one has to be a ‘ lactivist’, but everyone does need to feel comfortable and accepted to NIP, no matter the space, or occasion.

Personally, I have nursed everywhere I have been with my 10 kiddo’s. Why? Not to make a statement,not to offend, certainly not to push my beliefs on others. The answer is simple - my child was hungry. But here’s the beauty in that; Each and every one of my children knows - not accepts, not puts up with, but KNOWS that breastfeeding is normal; No matter the situation, or venue, they don’t bat an eye when the baby needs to be and is fed.

My extended family are now the same way. It isn't even close to an issue. Because the people that surround me see it as no issue, it therefore flows on to the people around them.

If nursing my children has affected acceptance and change in so many people’s lives. How many could you affect? Not by making a scene, not by making a statement. Just simply doing what needs to be done - feed your baby.

We often fail to realize how quickly we as individuals and we as a society, grow accustomed to something. So much so, that it becomes normal.

Ask yourself this: When you first saw your partner naked, was it a little uncomfortable? Did you feel shy? Did you avert your eyes because you were a little embarrassed?

Roll on 12 months, hubby is naked snoring his head off. Still embarrassed? Do you even look up? or do you shake your head and have a little giggle?

Ask yourself this: When bare breasts first came onto our movie screens, do you remember the uproar? The banning of films, the family groups outrage? The parents forbidding families to watch?
Roll on a few years, can you even turn the television on these days without seeing boobs? Or booty shots of booty’s in booty shorts EVERYWHERE?

Why is that? It’s because the more we are exposed to something, certain people, certain images, certain places. It becomes mundane, we accept it as individuals, we accept it as a society, that these things are now just normal to us. whether we like it or not, we accept it. Whether we find it offensive, we accept it. As there is nothing offensive or wrong about breast feeding, we need others to just simply accept it.

It is important to NIP so it once again becomes ‘normal’ to our society- and to each individual our society is made up of. No need to make statements, no need to become an activist trying to prove a point. Plainly and simply feed your baby when he’s hungry, then you too may find you have helped normalize what should be.

Where have you NIPed? 

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